Coming January 2020

I’m excited to announce that my soul sister, life coach, and business coach Chandra Lynn from Glow Living and I will be collaborating on a membership platform to help you make the Sacred more Embodied as an authentic and sovereign woman.

We will be offering this membership platform with teachings, practical examples and exercises using weekly video calls and a monthly themes tied to the rhythms of Nature.

It is our goal to help you understand and embody the essence of feminine spirituality, Earth-based wisdom, human needs psychology, astrology and Tantric yoga philosophy into your everyday life.

Each week Kristen and Chandra will offer powerful and relevant techniques to know your human needs and encourage your spiritual unfolding. Each month will have relevant topics that bridge the spiritual and everyday worlds. With these practice you will release the burdens that hold you back and empower you in evolving into the deepest and highest expression of your authentic self.

Stay tuned and sign up your email to get notifications. We begin in January 2020.