Find yourself in space and time

One of the main reasons to practice yoga is to become acquainted with your highest Self.  We are already familiar with our mortal selves that moves within space and time, but what are we within the spaces? When we live in the spaces between this and that, here and there, you and me, we come into greater awareness of our immortal selves. This is one of the greatest gifts of yoga.

In this recording I tell a story of how we are both that which travels through space (Shiva nature of who you are) and time (Shakti nature.)  Enjoy the discovery!

Springing out into life

We, like the Earth, go through cycles of energy.  In the springtime we experience many powerful and expansive energies around us. This is a time of reemergence of life energy and springing out from the solid substrate of what is possible.

We are even springing forward in time today by setting our clocks one hour ahead.  Although this can be jarring to some, it can also be a big jump start to create some power behind what we wish to manifest. What are the substrates you have in your life to push off from?  Please click on the link below to listen in a recording of how to put more "oomph" behind your actions.

Yoga unlocks the Spirit

There really is no separation between our body and our spirit, even though at times we don't feel connected to our hearts.  In those times we feel shut out from our inner essence we suffer because we are not experiencing our holistic self. It feels like there is a lock that holds back our most essential nature.

The answer is not how to integrate your spiritual life into your embodied life, but to realize that our body and everyday life is also divine. We are an embodied spirit, so there is no difference between your "real life" and your spirituality. This reminds me of a beautiful quote by the French philosopher Teilhard de Chardin, "We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, but spiritual beings having a human experience."  Our spirit is immortal and completely free, but it must take form to be able to experience itself.

If our body and mind are denser forms of our spirit, then we should work on feeling connected to our hearts *while* living this life. This is where yoga comes into play.The gift of a yoga practice is that we experience our body, mind and spirit as one whole entity. Yoga is like a key that unlocks the spirit to experience embodied life. The body feels supple and strong, the mind is calm and alert, and the spirit breaks free! Please click on the below link to listen to a recording that will help you find your key to your heart. Enjoy!

Life is the love affair of the Divine

I recorded this introduction on Valentine's Day several years ago and it is one of my favorite themes.  I love any day that celebrates Love.

Actually, everyday is a day to celebrate love. This whole life is the love affair of the divine.  It's one epic romance of the immortal chosing to become mortal. The divine is singing a love song for us to hear in our hearts.

Often this relationship seems elusive and disconnected, like two lovers that are separated. There is an attraction, and yet so many distractions that pull us away from the divine within.  The most intimate relationship we can have is the one between our mortal and immortal selves. This yoking of spirit and your embodied self is the highest reason to practice.  With yoga we chose to take an oath to our highest nature - a commitment to the love affair of life.

Below is a link to a recording of the introduction to my class that discusses how yoga joins us back into relationship with the divine.

The spaces between time

The most memorable times of our life are those moments where time seems to stop still. It's in these moments that we feel so connected, so alive, so real.  When we experience these peak instances, we feel timeless and most connected to our intrinsic divine nature.  These moments between the moments are where our most essential nature dwells. It is where all of possibility exists. As embodied beings of light, we can catch glimpses of this radiance through observing the cracks between the moments.  How can you notice the space between time?

Please enjoy this recording of my class where I discuss how we can connect closer to our divine nature by feeling the time between time. 

It's how you play the game that matters

We have all grown up hearing the advice, "It's not about winning or loosing, but how you play the game."  I think it's a great suggestion for how to live your life as well.  How often do we stop short because of the fear of failure?  What if instead we saw those times we fall flat on our face as learning opportunities to discover what we are capable of? Aren't they also a way for us to remember why we even want to play?  Failing is not something to be feared.  Instead, it can be a learning tool to know your capabilities, remember why you care, and how to fine tune your ability to really live your life fully.

Sometimes we need to fall to remember *why* we want to get back up. Then you know what really matters.

My definition of success is how well you try to play the game of life, more than your achievement (a very subjective term) in it. The very fact that you have been born means that you are already a success! Out of all the possibilities the divine could have manifested into, it chose you!

Feel the pulse of life within you spring forth

Do you feel it?  Here on the west coast the hills are getting green and the daffodil bulbs are starting to stretch their leaves open to the sun. An energy is stirring and starting to vibrate with greater intensity. Spring is in the air.  This is a time of life reemerging and taking form.

We are at the time between the seasons of winter and spring, but the earth is already getting ready to burst open with life.  If we listen with sensitivity to this greater energy, we can realize that within us is also a spark that craves to become revealed.

Feel the inner life within that swells to the surface of your being. Listen to my newest recording to hear how to encourage your inner spark to surface

When life isn't fair, ask three questions

Life is not always fair, is it?  Growing up I was always upset when life wasn't equitable. Luckily I grew up, and realized that whining doesn't get my way (although I sure tried - sorry mom and dad!)

We can complain about life's unfairness and react in a knee jerk way, or we can sit with it, feel it and learn to respond to life's dissatisfactions gracefully.

Complaints are a way of expressing our unsatisfied need to be recognized and loved.  When we recognize we are not getting what we need, it's time to ask the big three questions of yoga. Please listen to the link below to find out what questions you can be asking yourself.

How to adore the core of who you are

Being authentic to your own being is one of the core teachings of yoga.  Your essence is a divine gift. You must first accept yourself, at your core, before others are able to.

To be exactly as you are is the greatest way you can honor life.

Knowing yourself at your core is one of the main reasons to practice yoga.  The more you "own yourself," the more you authentically can move in this world with power and freedom.   Please listen in to my class introduction to find out why it is essential to claim ourselves fully.

Lean back to open your heart

Our emotions are the way we realize that we are connected to the world.  When we have a barrier against our emotions we become shielded from life.

Having something to lean back upon allows us to open our hearts more fully. This support of something bigger than ourselves creates a deeper connection to our divine nature.

Please listen the bellow recording of my class theme by clicking on the link below.