All of Life is Cyclic

Will you answer the call of your heart’s longing to connect with what is sacred?

I am committed to be of service to those who wish to remember and reclaim that they are whole and holy.

I offer astrology sessions, yoga movement classes, and ceremonial rituals to celebrate and observe the sacred in everyday life.

Life is always coming full circle - the place where we begin is where we end.  If you observe closely, you will notice that life fluctuates, flows and pulsates in rhythmic patterns - day to night, summer to winter, awake and asleep, only to repeat the pattern again and again.

The circle is a symbol of what is sacred.

This life is a gift, a sacred blessing to unfold. We have been born with the sovereign power to collaborate with the cycles of life as co-creator. The journey of self discovery empowers us to reclaim the sacred self and deeply connect to this auspicious life through all of the cycles of it's unfolding.

The access portal to this sacred circle is unique to each individual. For some it is through seeing the bigger picture of life and how we are a part of it. For others, it is in their individual expression of living that opens up a recognition that we are part of the whole.  In the cycles of my life, I have discovered the first through astrology and the later through yoga. The macrocosm of astrology is a mirror reflection of the microcosm of yoga.

We come full circle when we share our awakened and embodied soul's experiences with others.  Women's circles form a community of support while encouraging the individuals to be themselves fully. Community feeds our soul! We reconnect to ourselves, others, and to the cycles and rhythms of Nature - both around us and within us. The circle is a remembrance of what is sacred.

My intention in offering this site is to be of service to all those seeking to be in harmony with the cycles of their life.  I offer my services of yoga, astrology readings and leading women's circles to those who hear the call of their heart's longing.  

I invite you to reconnect to the Sacred Life Circle

I don’t believe that life is linear. I think of it as circles - concentric circles that connect.
— Michelle Williams