Theme for 2019: Remember and Reclaim that you are Whole and Holy


There are so many influences and conditioning by society that makes us forget who we really are. With all the self help courses and books out there, you would think that we are all permanently broken and only 10 steps away to realizing our potential.

But what about the possibility that you are already what you seek? I know it is a radical idea, but esoteric astrology, tantric yoga philosophy, and divine feminine spirituality says exactly that ~ That you are already whole and divine by being born.

Instead of trying to become someone that you are not, you instead walk the path within to awaken your own holy heart. It is the journey to reclaim your authentic nature, and with that, your self-sourcing sovereignty.

The practice is done from the inside-out. Although you may have teachers and guides along the way, the person who reveals, and also conceals the way, is you.

It is a call from within to be fully responsible for this imperfectly, perfect life ~ to embrace all that you are and all that you are meant to become, as a co-creator with the Divine.

It is also the remembrance that no part of you can be divorced from yourself if you are to reclaim all that you are as the Sacred embodied as human. This is the path of embracing every essential part of your nature ~ sacred and mundane, infinite and finite, light and shadow, seen and unseen, human and holy.

It is a wonderful and challenging journey, and worth every step. When you decide to step on that path and have questions on how to navigate, I will be here to offer suggestions on how to start. Just remember that the true navigator is within.

I am honored to work with you if you are interested in finding out more about your authentic soul path. I am offering astrology readings to assist you in remembering and reclaiming that you are already whole and holy.

Many blessings on you path, Kristen

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Our Theme for 2018 ~ Live Life Full Circle


Isn’t it time for you to spread your wings and fly?  
You have done the work, evolved with every life experience, and now are ready to leap into what’s next. You don’t need to hold back anymore. You are meant to fly.
You are invited to join me at Indigo Yoga to initiate this year’s practice with the theme for this year~
 “Live Life Full Circle.”
The last few years were getting us ready for who we are becomming. It wasn’t easy or even pretty. When the catapiller metamorphosizes into the chrysalis, it must feel like its world is ending. It completely becomes undone to emerge reborn. The cocoon stage is a neccessary step in this process of becoming it’s most evolved state, and the only way out was through.  
If your last year was anything like mine, it felt like a complete rewiring of who you are.
Now we have an opportunity to go forward boldly with the wisdom that we cultivated in the years before. These previous challenges and life lessons are now the firm foundation that launches us forward into our freedom. While discovering our new found abilities, we also remember the cyclic nature of Life so that we can live life fully in harmony with our inner and outer nature. 
Life is journey that comes full circle.
Join us in this discovery~

The householder yogi

I think I need more arms...

I think I need more arms...

Centuries ago it used to be that yogis would turn away from the world and retire to a mountain top to meditate 24/7. It's a lot easier to realize your divine nature when you do nothing else but develop it. That's not the yoga I practice.  When you are living your life as a mother, father, spouse, or employee- now THAT is yoga. How do you weave yourself into the world while still being connected to your divine nature?  Knowing how to navigate when your kid is nagging you for the 50th time to get a treat, or your teenager storms out of the room in a hormonal maelstrom - THAT is yoga.

Actually, yoga is a lot like parenting. You have to be patient and flexible, and yet firm and persistent. It also requires a lot of deep breathing and remembering why you are doing it. When trying to stretch your hamstrings, can you be patient and listen to how far it is willing to open? Can you consistently show up to practice, even when it would be so much easier to skip it? The practice reminds us to love this life, and be patient with the gradual development of our practice. It takes patience, persistence and practice to come from your heart and act from your divine nature while still living in the real world.

How can you connect to the highest essence in your heart, and yet still live in the world? I'm a mom to a teenager, and let me tell you, it is way easier to put my foot behind my head than to parent another person in this world. It is a practice. At times will will fail at it, and at times we will succeed, but ultimately we practice because our contribution to life matters.  This opportunity to bring a life into the world is the greatest honor and blessing.

Please click on the below link to discover how yoga helps us to be better equipped for living this life.

The high way is the aligned way

"Taking the high road" is an expression we use to describe making the most ethical choice before us.

Doing so is not always the easiest, or most direct choice we can make, but in the long run, it usually is the most aligned path we can take.

Today in class I talked about how ethical choices serve the entirety of humanity and the collective consciousness we share. 

Lean back into your true nature

When we are stressed, we are on guard against life, but when we are relaxed, we become ourselves.

Being stressed out makes us feel small and coiled up. What if you let yourself unwind for a moment and realize the comfort within? By giving yourself this chance to recline into your spirit, your true nature of bliss comes to the surface.

In today's recording I discussed a yoga fable that tells a greater truth about ourselves. The story of Vishnu and Lakshmi tells us how we can retreat into the comfort of our own heart into the ocean of imortality.  The divine couple lies back into the Shesha Anata, the couch of consciousness. In repose they go back into the eternal sustaining power within.  This story shows us that we lean back into the bigger spirit, it replenishes us and allows a deeper creative power to surface.

Please click on the below link to listen to a recording of the story and share with all your friends using the media buttons at the bottom of this passage.

How to let go of what holds you back

How you hold onto stress is similar to how long you hold onto an object. Even the smallest weight can become a burden the longer you have to carry it.  When you think about worries and stressful thoughts for a while and then let them go, nothing happens. Think about them a bit longer and they begin to hurt. And if you think about them all day long, you will feel paralyzed – incapable of doing anything.

It's important to know how to let go of stress. Just like how you need to put things down that you carry around, you need to know when it is appropriate to release the tension and strain that holds back your spirit. Please listen in to my class introduction to give yourself permission to finally let go of life's burdens.

Ignite the Light within

Have you ever felt dull and wondered how to create more light in your life?  Luckily we already have a spark within that can be rekindled. Just like one candle can illuminate a dark room, when we gaze inward, we see the radiance of the spirit.  The light of the spirit is always present, but the moment you turn your attention to it, it reignites and brightens in intensity.  The very act of turning your attention inward will spark the inner spirit and broadcast out the light of the heart more fully.

Guided meditation to rekindle your Light

Life always flows in cycles.  We go between periods of activity and stasis, light and dark, beginnings and endings. Often we can feel stuck on this journey and we loose what is meaningful to us. Meditating allows to go back into our heart and connect to something bigger that rekindles the fire within. When we flow with this greater energy, our life has more ease and greater purpose.

A few years ago I had the honor to speak at the Contra Costa Sustainable Forum and lead a guided meditation for the participants.  These wonderful people are leading the way for providing programs and services that educate residents, students, businesses, and community leaders about how to implement sustainable practices.

Listen enjoy this guided meditation by clicking on the link below.

As above, so below

The energy of water can allow us to feel more buoyant or can feel like you are drowning. If you're feeling especially emotional these last few days you are not alone!  As my teacher says, " As above, so below."  What we feel inside is often affected by the greater energy that surrounds us. Right now we are experiencing many energies in the universe that encourage us to listen to  our feelings and intuition within.  Alan Watts said, "You are something the whole universe is doing, the same way the wave is something the whole ocean is doing".  We become affected by the bigger forces of nature because we *are* nature.

Do how do you weather this time? Go inward and listen to your heart and gut feelings. Spend time floating on the surface of the emotions but stay grounded in your life. Meditation, journaling and soothing breath work allows our intuitive senses come more to the surface. For my "fire" types-Let go of angers and frustrations on the surface and go into a deeper inquiry of the causes of them. For my more "watery/earthy" friends- this is a time that can make you feel underwater. more movement is needed, but stay mindful to being connected to the inner energy that arises. For my more "airy" types- the water energy is more soothing to us, so take this as a great time to feel replenished and rejuvenated.

 Take time to listen to your intuition, emotions, and unconscious things coming to the surface as feelings. Emotions are the way consciousness and our spirit speaks to us. Are you ready to listen?