The householder yogi

I think I need more arms...

I think I need more arms...

Centuries ago it used to be that yogis would turn away from the world and retire to a mountain top to meditate 24/7. It's a lot easier to realize your divine nature when you do nothing else but develop it. That's not the yoga I practice.  When you are living your life as a mother, father, spouse, or employee- now THAT is yoga. How do you weave yourself into the world while still being connected to your divine nature?  Knowing how to navigate when your kid is nagging you for the 50th time to get a treat, or your teenager storms out of the room in a hormonal maelstrom - THAT is yoga.

Actually, yoga is a lot like parenting. You have to be patient and flexible, and yet firm and persistent. It also requires a lot of deep breathing and remembering why you are doing it. When trying to stretch your hamstrings, can you be patient and listen to how far it is willing to open? Can you consistently show up to practice, even when it would be so much easier to skip it? The practice reminds us to love this life, and be patient with the gradual development of our practice. It takes patience, persistence and practice to come from your heart and act from your divine nature while still living in the real world.

How can you connect to the highest essence in your heart, and yet still live in the world? I'm a mom to a teenager, and let me tell you, it is way easier to put my foot behind my head than to parent another person in this world. It is a practice. At times will will fail at it, and at times we will succeed, but ultimately we practice because our contribution to life matters.  This opportunity to bring a life into the world is the greatest honor and blessing.

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