Photos by Suzette Hibble

Photos by Suzette Hibble

About Kristen

Kristen’s life affirming practices of over twenty years has helped her connect with her deepest nature. She is dedicated to being of service to her students and community to help them realized their own nature and discover the collective heart and spirit that we all share.  Kristen is known for infusing stories, myths and practical examples of the philosophy of yoga and Earth based wisdoms into her yoga classes, astrology readings and women’s circles.  Her students have benefited from her messages of empowerment, authenticity and sovereignty.

For over a decade Kristen has been teaching yoga and has had the great privilege to help her students see their intrinsic nature. She feels that as a teacher, she must also be a student of life and as a result she has over a 1,000 hours of training in a broad range of lineages and traditions in philosophy, alignment, advanced teacher trainings, and the therapeutic aspects of yoga.   Her philosophy of affirming this life as the embodiment of spirit is woven into each of her classes. She offers heart based themes, practical examples, and detailed alignment principles in classes that cherish community. Her goal in every class is to empower her students to feel good about who they are and their lives.


Celebrate the Rituals of Life

Kristen is an initiated and ordained priestess with several years of study in astrology, Earth-based wisdom and shamanic traditions. In this roll she assists others to express their most authentic selves through all the cycles of their life. By teaching astrology and offering astrological readings, Kristen empathically connects her clients to “know thyself” and reclaim themselves as a necessary part of the whole.

Kristen’s deepest passion and gift is in facilitating healing sister circles and sacred retreats to encourage women to listen, feel, connect, and express their intuition and heart. The women that that have attended her circles have experienced profound and powerful transformations from being in a sisterhood that compassionately supports each other while encouraging and collaborating each other to grow.

As an ordained priestess and minister, Kristen is legally able to perform ceremonies and rites including handfastings and weddings, oversee baby naming ceremonies, provide last rites at a hospital or home setting, and other rights of passage rituals such as marking first or last menarche.

Kristen's role as a teacher and mentor is strengthened by being a student of life with many teachers of her own. Kristen deeply honors her many lineages and teachers including Abby Tucker, Sianna Sherman, Ashley Turner, Dr. Douglas Brooks, Flora Elmore, Julija Simas, Harmony Raye, and Debra Silverman.