All photography by Suzette Hibble Experience

All photography by Suzette Hibble Experience


We are here to retrieve the soul of the collective feminine.

In this life we are here to remember our innate gifts - the ones that are our divine purpose because they're needed in the world right now. We are here to reclaim ourselves for who we REALLY are- a divine being embodied on this Earth walk. But often we feel disconnected and divorced from the sacred being within. This is the deepest source of suffering- to feel lost and forgotten to who we really are. We are adrift in a sea of lost souls.

As women, one of our greatest shadow qualities is separation.

As you separate from qualities within yourself that you prefer to turn away from, this is then projected into the world and causes you to separate from others.

Separation leads to comparison and competition - and robs you of your deep inherent joy, peace & contentment.

All of the practices of Feminine spiritual traditions help you return to a place of beautiful communion with the Divine Feminine nature. 

These practices bring you back into your full presence- your full power ~ and allow you to stand in Sisterhood with the women around you from a place of deep trust, collaboration & love.

One way you can begin to heal this separation is by creating rituals in your life where women come together in a powerful way. One of the greatest practices for this is participating in Sisterhood circles.

The healing power of being together in sisterhood, is the ability to help others see their own worth in a collaborative, deeply authentic and affirming way. Each individual feels heard, seen, recognized and celebrated for being their authentic self. 

This mirror reflection is the healing medicine for each woman to see their innate auspiciousness. It is a powerful and beautiful experience to participate in and witness each person’s emergence back to wholeness and holiness. It is in the collective that we find ourselves again. 

We are here to retrieve the soul of the collective feminine. 

A Women’s Retreat is a way for each individual to

be part of a co-creative, collaborative and

collective experience of remembering her Divine Wisdom

By gifting yourself a few sacred days of space - in the company of other women who are ready to step back into their full power - helps both YOU and the WORLD at the same time?

We are meant to be ourselves fully. The time of playing small is over. We have done that, and we are through with it. The collective needs every individual to own themselves fully.

It is time to remember who you really are and rise up to shine your light in the world.

Going on a women’s retreat is to celebrate the Self, Sisterhood and Source.

Each day will have a deep experience of self-inquiry and sisterhood. Your guide, Kristen Dessange is an ordained priestess, astrologist and yoga teacher of many years. Join her in nurturing and beautiful locations for a rich variety of healing practices including:

Nurturing and nourishing food

Yoga and meditation

Sound healing

Drumming and dancing

Feminine spirituality

Earth based seasonal practices and rituals

Crafting Workshops

Astrology Lessons

Sacred Conversations

Sister circles

Reclaiming your authentic power and voice

Journaling and art

Earth altars and mandala

Shamanic journey

Dream temple

For these days and nights together you will have the space and time to reclaim who you are. You will have the time to let go and breathe. Your will rest deeply and celebrate joyfully. You will have a circle of women to bear witness to your inner discovery and support you in your journey. 

A women’s retreat will give you the gift of emerging back into the world as


You ARE worth it!