"I am so grateful to have found Kristen.  Her unique blend of earth and astrological based wisdom in combination with her sincere heart and deep insight allows for her sessions to be nothing less then profound.  Do yourself a favor and connect with this woman. I have never experienced anything like her sessions." ~ Christine K.

"My reading with Kristen was truly inspiring. She finds in your chart your gifts and your challenges, and how they are connected to your soul's purpose. Her energy is compassionate and encouraging, assertive and sweet. The reading brought clarity to some patterns in my life.  After, I had the feeling of knowing myself better than before and of accepting myself more fully. Totally recommended."~Susana G.B.

“ I attended one of Kristen’s astrology workshops which led to having a personal reading. Her deep knowledge & ability to integrate a lot of information into something that really makes sense is so needed in this world.” ~Daphne O.

“I am working with Kristen with astrology sessions. Its always an inner transforming experience for me. Kristen is very structured, focused in her sessions and very supportive. I am very grateful for Kristen’s support in my not very easy and transformative journey this year. Her sessions help me to see more depth in my journey and my inner truth.” ~ Екатерина К.

“ Thank you for the session yesterday. I am sure that you hear this all the time but I am so grateful for you and what you do. I can't even really explain the level of profound here. Existential stuff. Thanks again. I am glad you exist.” ~ Natchet T.

“I recently completed my natal chart with Kristen. What an illuminating experience! Kristen, your explanation of my chart and how it relates to my life today was exemplary. I have gained so much knowledge about myself in just one session. I have found Astrology to be so relevant to me as I try to unearth my Soul. I feel so drawn to Astrology, because of our session, as a way to explain and thereby adapt to my emotions and changing moods, more so than other modalities I have been using in the past. It has been profoundly healing. Thank you for your wonderful insight!” ~ Tammy D.

"I have never been "read" by an astrologist before and so I wasn't sure what to expect. One of the things I like about Kristen, is that she is really clear with what you need and don't need. All you need is your DOB, location and time of birth....AND she does the rest. It seems to me, after just only 2 sessions, that astrology really connects everything together. I came in with some questions and not a lot of direction. After the sessions, I gained a lot of perspective and clarity. I would highly recommend Kristen not only for her artful skill in astrology but also how she can easily make that information digestible for the client. Plus, she welcomes questions and curiosity. For the second session, which was about 1 month before my birthday, she suggested that I reach back out to her and get an update of that 2nd reading. A month later, I did just that, and she was able to gleam more information and send it my way. I thought was really cool of her because I felt that it went above and beyond the usual "client/healer" relationship I have experience from some in the past." ~ Caleb N.

“What an incredible woman and healer! My life has been deeply shifted as a result of Kristen’s women circles, astrology and yoga teaching. Not only is she fun and relatable but she gets to the heart of your deepest challenges with a laser like intuition and wisdom while honoring your unique path with gentleness and compassion.” ~ Hayley E

Women's Circles:

“I started attending Kristen's women's circles and each circle was medicine for my soul. She sets the space with such intention and deep care, that it is immediately felt upon entering. Lastly, Kristen has shared her deep knowledge of astrology! This woman is a wealth of knowledge and spiritual connection. It's not often that you find someone with such profound intellect who also possesses a deep spiritual connection. Kristen is a gift to her community and I highly recommend taking the time to work with her.” ~ Suzette H.

"The moment you meet Kristen it's clear she emanates and inspires wellness, wholeness and connection. Wisdom seeps unimpeded through her words as a tangible presence. Her playful, lighthearted demeanor puts you at ease even when sharing your deepest secrets and challenges. Sitting in circle with Kristen is like being transported to a space beyond time to an ecstatic and electric world of pure potential and sisterhood when your path unfurls before you.  As a powerful shamanic guide on the path of self realization, self love awakening and transformation, she gracefully employs a multiplicity of skills including astrology, storytelling, ritual, yoga, tarot, craft, and mysticism to empower you to see your fullest light and potential. With her guidance, I've become conscious of the universal nature of my soul's path and the optimal flow of my work and relationships proffered by the cosmos. Thank you, Kristen." ~ Hayley E.

“I attended one of Kristen’s public sister circles & from there joined a group of women/sisters on an even deeper dive into myself and my place in the larger circle of life through an ongoing sister circle. In the spring I went to her "What is Emerging?" women’s retreat and was one of the most powerful weekends I've had. She talks about wanting to empower women to live in their truth and their full power. Man, has she ever found her purpose & is living it with full force & grace. Thank you Kristen!” ~ Daphne O


“Wow! I just took a yoga class with Kristen Dessange and it was both engaging and restorative. I’m not a yoga pro and she made me feel completely at ease, emphasizing that wherever I was at was completely okay. She helped me harmonize my body, mind, and spirit. Her reputation precedes her, as I had heard a lot of great things about her classes. She lived up to and exceeded every thing I had heard. If you haven’t yet tried her class, I recommend you do! After class, everyone said they could see a new calm radiating from within. I’m going to hold on to this feeling as long as I can! Thanks Kristen!”    ~ Dina C.

“I initially got to know Kristen from her yoga classes. I went from being that person who hated yoga, to being passionate and loving my practice. Of course, now I am partial to working only with Kristen, as no one else seems to bring the heart, passion, and education that she does. Each class I felt like she psychically connected with my spirit and led the class in a way that seemed like it was created just for me. I know I was not alone in this feeling.” ~ Suzette H.

“Words cannot describe the gratitude I have for happening across Kristen's affirmation yoga classes about 2 years ago. Yoga has been a way for me to really connect with my inner self & the affirmation yoga classes help connect my inner self with the cycles & energy of nature & universal truths. And in practical terms they are one of my practices to help stay sane in this PTSD culture of ours.” ~ Daphne O.

“Thank you so so much for your hands on help with my back after class on Thursday!  I truly appreciate your generous spirit and support.  You are much more than a teacher … you are a guide, motivator and a healer.  I am extremely grateful that you are in my life.”      ~ Karen R.

“I am spoiled. Why? Because I’ve been lucky enough to have studied under Kristen for nearly 9 years now! She has exposed me to alignment principals that have not only improved my physical yoga practice immensely, but have positively impacted my approach to life. She has given me an empowering understanding and language that has opened my world to abundant possibilities. She is a deeply caring, seasoned teacher that illuminates life’s universal truths while stretching it out on the yoga mat. There are far too many meaningful understandings that she has helped me uncover to list here. Just know that she offers much more than average yoga teachers. She can take your inner and outer yoga practice to the next level. All you need is to show up and be open to expansion.”  ~ Chandra L.

“Kristen really is a gift – she gives me inspiration, direction, correction, improvement, new ways to look at old things, and a smile while I work through it all.  Thank you.”   ~ Deb C

“I would just like to say THANK YOU for the really fun class last Thursday…..I think we all needed to play like that. It was very good medicine for me.  I ALWAYS enjoy your classes.” ~ Shelly C