Our Theme for 2018 ~ Live Life Full Circle


Isn’t it time for you to spread your wings and fly?  
You have done the work, evolved with every life experience, and now are ready to leap into what’s next. You don’t need to hold back anymore. You are meant to fly.
You are invited to join me at Indigo Yoga to initiate this year’s practice with the theme for this year~
 “Live Life Full Circle.”
The last few years were getting us ready for who we are becomming. It wasn’t easy or even pretty. When the catapiller metamorphosizes into the chrysalis, it must feel like its world is ending. It completely becomes undone to emerge reborn. The cocoon stage is a neccessary step in this process of becoming it’s most evolved state, and the only way out was through.  
If your last year was anything like mine, it felt like a complete rewiring of who you are.
Now we have an opportunity to go forward boldly with the wisdom that we cultivated in the years before. These previous challenges and life lessons are now the firm foundation that launches us forward into our freedom. While discovering our new found abilities, we also remember the cyclic nature of Life so that we can live life fully in harmony with our inner and outer nature. 
Life is journey that comes full circle.
Join us in this discovery~