Theme for 2019: Remember and Reclaim that you are Whole and Holy


There are so many influences and conditioning by society that makes us forget who we really are. With all the self help courses and books out there, you would think that we are all permanently broken and only 10 steps away to realizing our potential.

But what about the possibility that you are already what you seek? I know it is a radical idea, but esoteric astrology, tantric yoga philosophy, and divine feminine spirituality says exactly that ~ That you are already whole and divine by being born.

Instead of trying to become someone that you are not, you instead walk the path within to awaken your own holy heart. It is the journey to reclaim your authentic nature, and with that, your self-sourcing sovereignty.

The practice is done from the inside-out. Although you may have teachers and guides along the way, the person who reveals, and also conceals the way, is you.

It is a call from within to be fully responsible for this imperfectly, perfect life ~ to embrace all that you are and all that you are meant to become, as a co-creator with the Divine.

It is also the remembrance that no part of you can be divorced from yourself if you are to reclaim all that you are as the Sacred embodied as human. This is the path of embracing every essential part of your nature ~ sacred and mundane, infinite and finite, light and shadow, seen and unseen, human and holy.

It is a wonderful and challenging journey, and worth every step. When you decide to step on that path and have questions on how to navigate, I will be here to offer suggestions on how to start. Just remember that the true navigator is within.

I am honored to work with you if you are interested in finding out more about your authentic soul path. I am offering astrology readings to assist you in remembering and reclaiming that you are already whole and holy.

Many blessings on you path, Kristen

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