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"Know Thyself" Astrology Basics Workshop

Are you curious about astrology? Learning about this ancient art and science can help you live a more fulfilled life in this modern world.

The aim of astrology and yoga is the same – the expansion of consciousness and liberation of energy while living in this physical world. Astrology states that we are intimately connected with the rhythm of the universe, and points to a synchronicity between the movements of the moon, planets and stars with events in our life.

Astrology is the ancient practice of uncovering your inner self through the awareness of universal forces. It is based on the principle of "As above, so below." This understanding is that the microcosm and macrocosm are mirror reflections of each other. Just like there are similarities between the configuration of solar systems and atomic structure, your astrological chart will reveal who you really are, what motivates you, what you are good at, where your challenges are, and what your purpose it. Unlike the usually vague horoscopes that you may have read before, astrology is a powerful tool for self awareness and unlocking your potential, while fostering compassion for yourself and others.

This course will help you know the basics on how to read your birth chart. This will be a hands-on, easy to understand and practical view of the basics of astrology. You'll learn information about yourself that will directly impact your daily life in a tangible way. Handouts and worksheets will be provided so you can learn by doing. Your birth chart will be provided for you at the workshop by giving your birthday information in advance (birthday, exact birth time if available, and birth location will be requested by Kristen after registration for the course.)


Basic Introduction (Saturday Sept. 23rd, TIME 2-5pm)
Elemental forces, Signs, Your Sun, Moon and Rising/Ascendant interpretations

Continuation of Basics (Sunday Sept. 24th, TIME 2-5pm)- Must have completed Basic Intro above
Remaining Planets/Archetypes, Houses, and aspect relationships

$ 50 each session, $90 for both. Part 2 Continuation requires completion of part 1 Basics.
Prior enrollment before Sept 17th is discounted to $45 first session and $85 for both in advance.


Register in advance for discounted rate at under workshops and events.

About the teacher:
Kristen Dessange is a yoga and meditation teacher, initiated priestess, and lover of life. She has been studying astrology for years and recently loves teaching it to others so that they can understand themselves more deeply and apply this self-knowledge in very practical ways. She is known for her ability to teach complex information into every day, real world examples with metaphors and storytelling. She also facilitates women's circles and ceremonies for her community. Soon she will offer retreats incorporating yoga, Tantrik and Earth-based philosophy, astrology, and women's support circles.

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