If you are flexible, you adapt

How can we find equilibrium when life is asyncronistic?  So many forces pull us out of our comfort zone. It's hard to get back in touch with your natural rhythm.

Here I talk about a great experiment where there were over 30 metronomes on a fixed platform, all moving at different rates and speeds.  They stayed asynchronized from each other for a very long time.  It wasn't until the platform they were on was allowed to move freely that all of the metronomes starting to work together in sync.  The movement of one affected the movement of all until after only two minutes they all moved as one.

We too are like this.  When we allow ourselves to be flexible, and move with the forces around us, we come back into harmonized balance with everything else.

Please enjoy this recording from my class last year.  The solar flares are over, but youstill might remember the feeling of how they burned.