Karma and Lila and the play of opposites

Life can be both profound and explained.

How and why things occur can sometimes be explained with "cause and effect."  Defining the world in this way is called karma.  Karma describe the causality of why things happen. For example: when "A" happens, "B" will result.  By defining the world in this way we can see patterns that help us feel more certain and secure in our lives. The problem of only seeing our lives this way is that it is too limiting.  Many things in life are too complex, too profound, to have simple black or white explanations.

The flow of our life is not so linear nor simplistic. Many times things happen "just because."  Sometimes good (and bad) events occur without a reason for it.  This experience of life without explanation is called Lila.  Lila is chance- a random occurence. It is called the play of consciousness because the divine is profound in its way of living through us. Instead of defining something as this or that, it is ALL that is possible. When we are open to all that is possible, we are open to all of our life - even the parts we don't understand.

Knowing whether karmic or lilic forces are at play is one of the most effective ways to reduce stress and struggle in your life.  Today in class I talked about how to have greater efficacy in the flow of your life.  I invite you to click the link below to listen to this newest recording.