Turn "should do" into "want to"

So how is that "to do" list of yours doing? Does it seem never ending? How does that affect you? If you are anything like me, it doesn’t make you feel very free. More than likely your obligations of “must do’s” and “should do’s” make you feel stuck.

When you instead allow your work to come from a place of choice, then the chore becomes less of an obligation, and more of a way of showing your freedom.

We are born free. Because of that free will, we make choices. When those choices feel like obligations, we forget our innate freedom. What if instead you think of those duties as a way of enhancing your life in some way?  Wouldn’t that make you feel more free? When you think of WHY you have these chores, then you get your freedom back, because ultimately you have a choice whether or not you choose to take care of them.

Please enjoy today's recorded introduction on why your chores are a choice. You may just find how much freedom you have in your life after all.