Go with the deeper flow

A common misconception in yoga is that we must always go with the flow. Actually that is not true. The way that life flows on the surface can be in a very different direction than the more underlying correct current.  When you the follow the easier, more surface flow, it can bring you out of alignment and pull you away from your truer, deeper nature. It's like a kid doing what his peers are doing, even though in his gut he knows it is wrong.

The aligned way is not always the easy way.

Here is another example: it is so much easier to reject something because you are afraid of it and never attempt it. But what if that attempt to try something scary is the very thing that would reveal your highest nature and purpose?

So how do you know which is which? Taking time to reflect and explore that deeper wisdom. Pause instead of being on auto pilot. Listen to your heart before your mind. Trust like crazy. You already know what you need to do- so go do it. This life is a gift, but you still need to unwrap it. You may just be surprised to see what you uncover in yourself.

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