As above, so below

The energy of water can allow us to feel more buoyant or can feel like you are drowning. If you're feeling especially emotional these last few days you are not alone!  As my teacher says, " As above, so below."  What we feel inside is often affected by the greater energy that surrounds us. Right now we are experiencing many energies in the universe that encourage us to listen to  our feelings and intuition within.  Alan Watts said, "You are something the whole universe is doing, the same way the wave is something the whole ocean is doing".  We become affected by the bigger forces of nature because we *are* nature.

Do how do you weather this time? Go inward and listen to your heart and gut feelings. Spend time floating on the surface of the emotions but stay grounded in your life. Meditation, journaling and soothing breath work allows our intuitive senses come more to the surface. For my "fire" types-Let go of angers and frustrations on the surface and go into a deeper inquiry of the causes of them. For my more "watery/earthy" friends- this is a time that can make you feel underwater. more movement is needed, but stay mindful to being connected to the inner energy that arises. For my more "airy" types- the water energy is more soothing to us, so take this as a great time to feel replenished and rejuvenated.

 Take time to listen to your intuition, emotions, and unconscious things coming to the surface as feelings. Emotions are the way consciousness and our spirit speaks to us. Are you ready to listen?