It's how you play the game that matters

We have all grown up hearing the advice, "It's not about winning or loosing, but how you play the game."  I think it's a great suggestion for how to live your life as well.  How often do we stop short because of the fear of failure?  What if instead we saw those times we fall flat on our face as learning opportunities to discover what we are capable of? Aren't they also a way for us to remember why we even want to play?  Failing is not something to be feared.  Instead, it can be a learning tool to know your capabilities, remember why you care, and how to fine tune your ability to really live your life fully.

Sometimes we need to fall to remember *why* we want to get back up. Then you know what really matters.

My definition of success is how well you try to play the game of life, more than your achievement (a very subjective term) in it. The very fact that you have been born means that you are already a success! Out of all the possibilities the divine could have manifested into, it chose you!