Life is the love affair of the Divine

I recorded this introduction on Valentine's Day several years ago and it is one of my favorite themes.  I love any day that celebrates Love.

Actually, everyday is a day to celebrate love. This whole life is the love affair of the divine.  It's one epic romance of the immortal chosing to become mortal. The divine is singing a love song for us to hear in our hearts.

Often this relationship seems elusive and disconnected, like two lovers that are separated. There is an attraction, and yet so many distractions that pull us away from the divine within.  The most intimate relationship we can have is the one between our mortal and immortal selves. This yoking of spirit and your embodied self is the highest reason to practice.  With yoga we chose to take an oath to our highest nature - a commitment to the love affair of life.

Below is a link to a recording of the introduction to my class that discusses how yoga joins us back into relationship with the divine.