Can you believe it before you feel it?

For my formal years of education I was trained as a biologist.  For this discipline it was expected and valued that all conclusions you come to were weighed carefully and analytically.  Anything that you decided on had to be substantiated with concrete evidence and rationalization.  I was good at this, it was even easy.  My world was limited to black and white. I was either with or against, agreed or disagreed.  The grey areas, at least in my mind, were not complete - not valid. What I realize now is that I was actually scared of the grey areas.  The spaces between this and that, here and there, you and me were the unknown and not fully developed hypotheses of life.  The grey areas require engagement in it.  They must be experienced on more than the level of rationalization and conclusions. They must be FELT. Life is that engagement. Life is full of shades of grey.

Over time and many years on my yoga mat, I started to appreciate, and even relish the middle places between the conclusions of life.  These are the spaces and times that I can tune in and really FEEL.  Yes, these are scary places, full of uncertainty, but they are also potent places.  Not knowing all the answers allows me to really tap into my inner wisdom and come back into all the possibilities in front of me. Ultimately, it gives me the the power to choose them.  It is from this power I choose to courageously feel before I realize anything.