Power of the will

A few years ago, one of my intentions for the new year is to offer more communication of yoga teachings with a larger audience. I have to say I have been holding back on this for quite awhile, even though my teacher and many of my students have asked this of me for many years. One day, one of my friends and students, Chandra, asked me what was stopping me from offering myself into the world.  I was struck by this question because I realized I was holding back - for fear of being too "small" to give anything of value. In this moment I remembered that feeling insignificant actually diminishes the inner spirit. We are born to be ourselves, and to offer ourselves into the world from our highest place.To be of service to the Shakti, the life energy, I must allow my spirit to be BIG and offer the teachings of yoga to a bigger world.

So here I am, offering my first live audio recording of my Affirmation yoga class theme. In it I discuss how the power of our divine will is stronger than individual will power. I'll be offering these regularly, so check in often.

Double click the link below to listen. I hope you enjoy. Shine brightly everyone!