Can you say "Wow!?"

When was the last time you felt astonished?

Too often we go through life on auto pilot and aren't aware of how fascinating life really is. If you take a moment and reflect on it, isn't it amazing how complex and brilliant life is? The very idea that we are breathing, thinking and living at all is incredible.

The texts of yoga discuss that when we are in a state of awe, the divine is experiencing itself through us. Supreme consciousness is so vast, so complex, that we can not experience it all at once. In order for the divine to know itself even more fully, it must forget itself by becoming us. In those "ah-ha" moments, is when our divinity is revealing itself.

Most of the time, though, we forget. We forget our true nature. We forget how auspicious life is. But there is a deep intrinsic desire in all of us to reveal the highest. During this time of year we celebrate the abundance and splendor of life. The more we can take time to savor and appreciate, the more chances we have to awaken fully. We naturally create these opportunities by opening ourselves into a state of awe and appreciation.

"Wisdom begins in wonder" ~Socrates

I invite you to enjoy this newest recording about how we co-create with the divine everytime we see the world with wonder