Be at peace with yourself

How often do you negate your worth?  Are you uncomfortable with receiving a compliment? Do you compare yourself with others and judge yourself so often that you want to be something other than yourself?

You are not alone. In fact, the very fact that you were born human means that you have experienced this about yourself. We long to change ourselves and become something better.  But consider this, if you are in a constant state of trying to improve yourself, it's a subtle aggression towards yourself. We are too often in a state of war with ourselves. Living in conflict with yourself, trying to become something different from what you were born to be, becomes a major source of pain and suffering.

In yoga. the malas are the cloaks that conceal us from seeing our true nature as pure spirit. Our very essence is auspicious and divine.  However, this nature is concealed to us in three different ways.  One of the ways to describe the malas is  "should've, would've, and could've."  We think we should be different.  We wish we could more like someone else. We think we would be happier if we would have done something differently.  These three: anava, maiya and karma malas cover and block out light that is always within.  Our yoga helps us to dissolve and uncover these blocks so we can reveal the true worth and beauty of being you, exactly as you are.

Please enjoy this newest recording about the ways we can enhance who we are without feeling we need to fix ourselves.