How do you synchronize with life?

Have you ever had one of those moments that made you stop and say "whoa"?!  Anything that makes you stop in your tracks is the very moment that the divine says wake up and pay attention.

Although they may seem like coincidences, there are many moments that signal from the divine that you are on the right tract.

These are times that life gives us  messages that what is occuring is meaningful.  All we need to do is to get more sensitive and pay attention to these big eye-opening moments that tell us we are heading in the right direction.

Carl Jung, the Swiss psychologist from the 1920's, defined synchronized as two events that seem unrelated by cause and effect that actually have a relationship based on an apparent  meaningfulness.  Most of us have had situations that make us wake up and think, "wow, what a coincidence!" - but was it really?

Please enjoy this newest recording on how we can synchronize more to the life we live.

Sometimes things in life just match up.  When we are synchronized to life, it will let us know so we can continue on that path.