Rituals reveal the reality of your sacred self

Rituals and ceremony are the ways that we create what is meaningful.  All traditions use some form of ritual such as prayer, meditation or contemplation to connect to our highest selves. They transform what is ordinary and mundane into what is sacred and extraordinary.  It is when we use these ceremonies that we are creating a deeper commitment to uncovering the sacred within the mundane.

I found it very appropriate on this April Fool's Day, to talk about how we often get tricked into thinking that we are separate from Source energy.  The way we see ourselves is usually separate from the divine.  This dualistic viewpoint see that the ordinary is different from the extraordinary.  Conversely, yoga helps us to see that we are embodiments of spirit. This "non-dual" philosophy believes that the immortal chose to become mortal - as you.  When we create rituals in our life we are opening a portal into seeing our divine nature. Ceremonies infuse meaning into the moment. With them, the mundane, material self wakes up to see the sacred Self at its core.

We are not "other." The divine is within.

Today in class I talked about how to create rituals in your life in order to uncover your sacred self. In invite you to click the link below to listen to this newest recording.