Adjust your pace

So are you feeling like life is getting ahead of you and you have to catch up? What about the times that you feel stuck and feel frustrated you are not moving ahead?

There is a great quote that says, "How you do one thing is how you do everything."  This is so true for me.  The pace I have in one area of my life is often carried over mindlessly into others.  Without awareness of this pace, I could easily feel like I was run over, or conversely, stuck in the flow of life.  For example, rushing to work to get there on time could make me an anxious wreck all day. If I wasn't aware of that nervous pull, that stress would carry over into my work and the rest of the day would be a mess.

Luckily having a yoga practice helps us to become more sensitive to the flow of energy that surrounds us. Yoga is the practice of getting to know who you really are, and knowing how you are in the world. It is from that knowledge that we can make choices that are more life affirming and enhancing.  This deep inquiry gives us a greater ability to match the pace of life.

Today in class I talked about a story of how getting stuck in traffic helped me to know which way to go. Please click the link below to listen to my newest recording.